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Complicities: Connections and Divisions

Perspectives on Literatures and Cultures of the Asia-Pacific Region

Chitra Sankaran, Liew Geok Leong and Rajeev Patke

The twenty-seven essays in this volume are the product of the Ninth Biennial Symposium on the Literatures and Cultures of the Asia-Pacific Region held in Singapore in December 1999. The contributions explore complicitous interactions between cultures, nations and people in the Asia-Pacific Region. Grouped into the three sections of «Asia-Pacific Relations», «The Politics of Identity» and «Language, Gender and Empowerment», these essays examine selected texts from countries which include Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Micronesia.
Contents: Liew-Geok Leong/Rajeev S. Patke/Chitra Sankaran: General Introduction – Liew-Geok Leong: Introduction to Part I – Bruce Bennett: Singapore and Australia: Collaborators – Megumi Kato: The Scared Who Want to Scare. Fear of a Japanese Invasion in Australian Literature – John McLaren: Nationalism and Imperialism. Australia’s Ambivalent Relationship to Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands – Tony Hughes-d’Aeth: Old Walls and New. The Australian Poet in the Asia-Pacific – Carlotta Lady Izumi Abrams: Buddha Nature and Aao. The Nexus of Micronesian and Marshallese Legends with the Buddhist Underpinnings of Asian North American Literature – Jeff Partridge: «America is no America» - or is it? Transcending Cultural Binaries in Gish Jen’s Typical American – Vicky Lee: Eurasian Voices in Wartime Hong Kong – Ryan Bishop: Births of Nations. Narrativity, Nativity, Naivete, and Postcolonial Historical «m’m’ry» in Finnegans Wake and Shame – Lily Rose Tope: The Shifting Nation of the Chinese-Filipino Writer – Rajeev S. Patke: Introduction to Part II – Chiu Man Yin: A Portrait of the Nation as Four Young Men – Anne Brewster: Adolescence and the post-65 Generation. Colin Cheong’s The Stolen Child – Philip Jeyaretnam: Tiger City or How Singapore Writers Can Earn Their Stripes – Rajeev S. Patke: Ambivalence and Ambiguity in the Poetry of Arthur Yap – Eddie Tay: Unsettling Ways of Exile. The Unhomely in the Poetry of Wong Phui Nam – Susan Philip: The Evolving Identity of Malaysian Indians. A Comparison of K. S. Maniam’s The Cord and Allan Perera and Indi Nadarajah’s Quid Pro Quo – Makarand Paranjape: Displaced Relations. Diasporas, Empires, Homelands – Sonia Mycak: The Fabrication of Ukrainian-Australian Identity by Helen Darville – Timothy R. White: Complicating National Cinemas – Chitra Sankaran: Introduction to Part III – Irina Aristarkhova: Otherness in Net-Communities. Practising Difference in Virtual Context – Richard B. Baldauf Jr.: Literature and the Intellectualisation of Language through Language Policy and Planning – Dennis Haskell: «now where’s she off to». Gender and Class in the Poetry of Bruce Dawe – Liew-Geok Leong: Cultural Domains and Male Discourses in A Dance of Moths – Shirley Geok-lin Lim: History and Fiction, Sons and Widows. Gendering and Racing the Colonized in Chin Kee Onn’s Twilight Of The Nyonyas – Susan Y. Najita: Resemblances and Complicity. The Construction of Pakeha History in The Piano – Chitra Sankaran/K.K. Seet: Intersections of the Nation in Two Plays by Robert Yeo Changi and One Year Back Home – Ismail S. Talib: Divisions, Sub-Divisions, Linkages, Mixtures – Peter K. W. Tan: «Is that how we really talk?» Speech Reporting in Singaporean Writing in English.