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The Road to Independence

Leaving Home in Western and Eastern Societies, 16th-20th centuries


Frans van Poppel, Michel Oris and James Lee

Contents: Frans van Poppel/Michel Oris: Introduction – Kevin Schürer: Leaving Home in England and Wales 1850-1920 – Martin Dribe: Leaving Home as a Family Strategy in Times of Economic and Demographic Stress. The Case of Rural Scania, Sweden 1829-1866 – George Alter/Catherine Capron: Leavers and Stayers in the Belgian Ardennes – Renzo Derosas: A Family Affair. Marriage, Mobility, and Living Arrangements in Nineteenth-century Venice, 1850-1869 – Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux: Patterns of Leaving «House» in a 19th Century Stem-Family Society – Marco Breschi/Matteo Manfredini: Leaving the Family. Departures from the Household in an Italian Rural Context during the Nineteenth-Century – Satomi Kurosu: Who Leaves Home and Why? Daughters and Sons in Two Japanese Northeastern Villages, 1716-1870 – Mary Louise Nagata: Leaving the Village for Labor Migration in Early Modern Japan – Mary Jo Maynes: Leaving Home in Metaphor and Practice. The Roads to Social Mobility and Political Militancy in European Working-Class Autobiography – Tamara K. Hareven/Kathleen Adams: Leaving Home: Individual or Family Strategies – Colin G. Pooley/Jean Turnbull: Migration From the Parental Home in Britain since the Eighteenth Century – Hilde Bras/Jan Kok: «Naturally, Every Child Was Supposed to Work». Determinants of the Leaving Home Process in the Netherlands, 1850-1940.