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Legal Discourse in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts

Arbitration Texts in Europe


Vijay K. Bhatia, Christopher N. Candlin and Maurizio Gotti

This volume presents the results of an international research project focussing on the lexico-grammatical, generic and textual analysis of legal discourse in multilingual and multicultural contexts. The particular focus of the investigation is the arbitration discourse in use in several European countries. This volume deals with the international arbitration discourse of legal documents in use in the Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Scotland and Sweden. For each of the countries involved, a comparison has been carried out between the local arbitration law and the UNCITRAL Model Law approved by the United Nations in 1985. The English language text of this Model Law has then been compared with the local language text of the arbitration law of each country and any discrepancies have been investigated in order to identify possible differences in the legal cultures underlying the two texts.
Contents: Ulisse Belotti: Generic Integrity in Italian Arbitration Rules – Luisa Chierichetti: El arbitraje en España. Con unos apuntes para un análisis lingüístico con la Ley Modelo de UNCITRAL – Marta Chroma: The Language of Arbitration: From Intent to the Act – Marina Dossena: Arbitration in Scotland: Local Specificity and International Homogeneity – Jan Engberg/Kirsten Wølch Rasmussen: Danish Legal Language in International Commercial Arbitration – Roberta Facchinetti: The 1998 Rules of the International Court of Arbitration as Implemented in Italy – Giuliana Garzone: Arbitration Rules across Legal Cultures: An Intercultural Approach – Davide Simone Giannoni: The UNCITRAL Model and Italian Statute Law: A Linguistic and Topical Description – Anna Giordano Ciancio: Conciliation and Mediation as ADR Procedures Distinct from Arbitration: Textual Similarities and Discrepancies in Different Legal Contexts – Dorothee Heller: Prinzipien der Textgestaltung und der Gebrauch von Konditionalsätzen im deutschen Schiedsverfahrensrecht – Tarja Salmi-Tolonen: Arbitration Law as Action: An Analysis of the Finnish Arbitration Act – Girolamo Tessuto: Legislative Discourse in Arbitration Language: The English 1996 Arbitration Act and the UNCITRAL Model Law.