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Educational System in China


Zhejiang University Press

Educational System in China presents a comprehensive overview of the Chinese educational system at all levels, from primary and secondary schools to colleges and universities, covering such important topics as educational administration, management, provision, student admission and employment, financing education, educational evaluation, and quality assurance process that took place in Chinese educational institutions over a span of sixty years (1949-2009). The book examines how each educational system was adapting to great changes of the milieu, both internal and external, at different stages. It also deals with the general issues of each educational system and outlines possible solutions to these problems so that educational systems can continue to contribute to the quality of life in the future.
The book is intended for researchers and graduate students in the field of education.
Contents: A Brief Introduction to Educational System – The System of Educational Administration in China – The System of Internal Management in Schools at Various Levels in China – The System of Educational Provision in China – The System of Enrollment in China – The System of Employment in China – The System of Financing of Education in China – The System of Examination in China – The System of Educational Evaluation in Primary and Secondary Schools – The System of Quality Assurance of Higher Education in China.