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Béroul "Tristan and Yseut

Old French Text with Facing English Translation


Guy R. Mermier

This volume presents the Old French text of Tristan and Yseut by Béroul, newly revised according to the Paris manuscript, and its parallel translation into English. This book is intended first and foremost to be used by students in colleges and universities, but it is the editor's hope that it will open the greatness of Tristan and Yseut's legend to a wider audience of all countries and all ages still fascinated, in our sophisticated and often cynical world, by emotions, mysteries, enchantments and above all by the pains and joys of love.
In spite of its fame and general attraction the story of Tristan and Yseut is not a present available easily and in an academically suited form to the public of students of colleges and universities. The old French text, though available abroad, needs to be imported and the English translations extant are either old fashioned or lack in accuracy. This book is an answer therefore to two urgent needs, availability and accuracy both of the Old French and of the English. The general public can read the English without being disturbed by the Old French while students of Medieval Literature can study the Old French text at the same time as they read the parallel translation.