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The Evolution of International Accounting Systems

Accounting System Adoptions by Firms from a Network Perspective


Mark Währisch

Until now we have different accounting or financial reporting systems in different countries. This may be detrimental for capital market participants with worldwide activities who expect advantages in the application of only one system. The use of one system may provide network effects. If they exist, the benefits for users increase the more users adopt the same system. When accounting systems compete in terms of network effects, the decisions for using a system are interdependent and can be modeled by means of game theory. This book analyses how network effects in terms of accounting systems can be defined, how those effects may affect investors, corporations and standard setters, how adoption patterns of accounting systems may be modeled and what drives adoption decisions.
Contents: International Diversity of Accounting Systems and Harmonization – Accounting System Adoptions by Firms in Presence of Network Effects – Potential Costs and Benefits of Cross Border Listings – Disclosure of Accounting Information on Capital Markets.