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Possibilities in Practice

Social Justice Teaching in the Disciplines

Edited By Summer Melody Pennell, Ashley S. Boyd, Hillary Parkhouse and Alison LaGarry

This edited collection illustrates different possibilities for social justice practice in various grade levels, disciplines, and interdisciplinary spaces in P–12 education. Chapters in this unique volume demonstrate teaching with a critical lens, helping students develop critical dispositions, encouraging civic action with students, and teaching about topics inclusive of race, class, gender, and sexuality. Based on empirical research, each contribution is rooted in a critical theoretical framework and characterizes findings from sustained study of pedagogic practice, spanning subject matter from social studies, English Language Arts, music, mathematics, and science. Through this work, both pre- and in-service teachers as well as teacher educators will be inspired to practice social justice in their own classrooms.

BIC Classifications

  • Society & social sciences (J)
    • Society & culture: general (JF)
      • Social issues & processes (JFF)
        • Social discrimination & inequality (JFFJ)
      • Social groups (JFS)
        • Social classes (JFSC)
        • Gender studies, gender groups (JFSJ)
        • Gay & Lesbian studies (JFSK)
        • Ethnic studies (JFSL)
  • Educational purpose (4)
    • Designed for differentiated learning (4W)

BISAC Classifications

  • Computers (COM)
    • COMPUTERS / Computer Science (COM014000)
  • Education (EDU)
    • Administration (EDU001)
      • EDUCATION / Administration / General (EDU001000)
    • EDUCATION / Experimental Methods (EDU012000)
    • EDUCATION / Multicultural Education (EDU020000)
    • Educational Policy & Reform (EDU034)
      • EDUCATION / Educational Policy & Reform / General (EDU034000)
  • Foreign Language Study (FOR)
    • FOREIGN LANGUAGE STUDY / English as a Second Language (FOR007000)
  • Literary Criticism (LIT)
    • LITERARY CRITICISM / Feminist (LIT003000)
    • LITERARY CRITICISM / Ancient & Classical (LIT004190)
    • LITERARY CRITICISM / Women Authors (LIT004290)
    • LITERARY CRITICISM / Semiotics & Theory (LIT006000)

THEMA Classifications

  • Society & Social Sciences (J)
    • Society & culture: general (JB)
      • Social & ethical issues (JBF)
        • Social discrimination & equal treatment (JBFA)
      • Social groups (JBS)
        • Social classes (JBSA)
        • Gender studies, gender groups (JBSF)
        • Gay & Lesbian studies (JBSJ)
        • Ethnic studies (JBSL)
    • Education (JN)
      • Educational strategies & policy (JNF)
  • Educational purpose qualifiers (4)
    • For all educational levels (4C)
      • For primary education (4CD)
      • For middle / preparatory school education (4CF)
      • For mandatory secondary education (4CL)
    • For specific educational purposes (4T)
      • Textbook, coursework (4TC)
      • For specific learning difficulties (4TW)