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Phonology, Fieldwork and Generalizations

Edited By Bartłomiej Czaplicki, Beata Łukaszewicz and Monika Opalińska

The authors of this book explore various areas of phonology and morphology. They cover a wide range of theoretical and methodological themes, among them phonological representation, allomorphy, opacity, contrast preservation, markedness, frequency of use, the interface of morphology and phonology, domains, sound change, synchronic and diachronic perspective, phonetic grounding and metrical structure. The analyses are couched in theoretical frameworks, including Optimality Theory, Derivational Optimality Theory and Government Phonology. Other than English, also Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, and West Slavic languages are analysed.

This collection of papers is published in honour of Jerzy Rubach to recognise his contribution to the field of phonology.

Table of contents