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Science Fiction Circuits of the South and East


Edited By Anindita Banerjee and Sonja Fritzsche

The first collection of its kind, this anthology documents a radically different geography and history of science fiction in the world. Western, specifically Anglo-American, SF is not the only hub of the global trade of alternative realities and futures. Rather it is but only one of several competing flows and circuits of distribution, contacts, influence, translation, adaptation, and collaboration, across space and time. The essays collected here focus on arguably the biggest and most influential of those competing hubs: the socialist world and its extensive cultural networks across the global South and East. Written by scholars from around the world, the chapters address the «other» transatlantic of the Caribbean, Latin America, African America, and the Soviet Union; the surprising multitude of transnational networks behind the Iron Curtain; and asymptotic and subterranean discourses across Russia, India, and China. Science Fiction Circuits of the South and East is intended for scholars, students, and fans interested in science fiction, popular culture, comparative literature, film studies, postcolonialism, techno-science, translation studies, and the literature and cultures of China, Cuba, Germany, India, Mexico, Poland, and Russia.

«This outstanding collection traces the flows of genre and text outside of white, Anglophone and first worlds – from Zamyatin in the Harlem Renaissance to Glukhovsky in China, from utopian visions of Mexican socialism to fantastical Bengali tales in the era of Nehruvian non-alignment. Now we all have to raise our game.» (Mark Bould, University of the West of England, Bristol)

«Like an unearthed mappa mundi detailing secret trade routes that have been forgotten or ignored, the dazzling essays of Science Fiction Circuits of the South and East suggest an alternative world history of science fiction, revealing stunning connections and opening new vistas for the study of sf and comparative literature.» (Istvan Csicsery- Ronay, DePauw University)

«A groundbreaking anthology that shows how Soviet science fiction inspired rich and diverse speculative storytelling traditions throughout the communist bloc, the Indian subcontinent, China, and even the Americas. A must read for everyone interested in the history of global science fiction.» (Lisa Yaszek, Georgia Institute of Technology)