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Social Protection in Islamic Law

Theoretical Perspective

Ayten Erol

This book presents conceptual framework and fundamental principles of social protection in Islamic Law. According to Islamic law, the right to live is a primary human right. This right, granted by God, begins with the right of people to come to Earth and is thus revealed with God’s creation of man. According to Islamic law, social protection carries great importance in terms of meeting the needs regarding the preservation of zarûriyyât-ı hamse (life, property, intellect, lineage, religion), whose protection is imperative, primarily for the life and maintenance of assets of all humans and for the realization of the right to life.

In order for social protection to be able to be provided all over the world, according to Islamic law, the approaches and fundamental principles regarding the outlook on man, property, and life of the religion of Islam must be known and implemented. However, the implementation of these fundamental principles and approaches carry importance to the degree of the religiosity of people and their dependence on religious provisions and will reach the desired results.

Islamic Law – Conceptual Framework of Social Protection in Islamic Law – Definition of Social Protection – Subject of Social Protection – Importance of Social Protection – Purpose of Social Protection – Basic Elements of Social Protection – Scope of Social Protection – Basic Approaches and Principles – Principle of Tevhid – Principle of Morality – Principle of Property – Principle of Justice – Principle of Brotherhood