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Contemporary Challenges to Conscience

Legal and Ethical Frameworks for Professional Conduct


Edited By Aleksander Stępkowski

This book is a collection of studies addressing the complex and sensitive issue of conscientious objection. It has become utmost controversial, especially in relation to professional conduct in healthcare service. Moral dilemmas of physicians, being always a part of human existence, due to the development of public health insurance, became also a political issue with legal consequences. The book provides an in-depth analysis of this complex issue from a multidisciplinary perspective, including philosophical, political, legal and medical aspects. It also presents various experiences of different medical and legal professionals in this field.

Aleksander Stępkowski is a professor of law and the Head of the Chair of the Sociology of Law at the University of Warsaw, holding PhD and habilitation in legal science. His research concentrates on private and public comparative law as well as interrelations between philosophy, society and the legal culture.