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Cases of Teaching and Learning Across and Beyond K–12 Settings

Edited By Natalia Collings

This book compiles cases of teaching and learning that were written by practitioners from a variety of backgrounds in education—elementary school, middle school, high school, and adult instruction—in public, charter, and private institutions, face-to-face and online. Cases of Teaching and Learning Across and Beyond K-12 Settings is intended primarily for use in education courses that have students from different specializations, but it also can be an important resource for instructors and students in any education courses who want to develop a broad focus on learning (for example, thinking about middle school students as former elementary and future high school, college, and adult learners). A historical and developmental approach to learning is a founding principle of this book: all cases are written as stories of never-ending multi-faceted development, making them distinct from video cases that are gaining popularity. These cases capture memorable experiences related to teaching and learning that problematized existing practices and thus presented ample opportunities for critical thinking and creative performances.

Each case in Cases of Teaching and Learning Across and Beyond K-12 Settings is paired with analysis written by its author that relied on the theories and research summarized in the first part of the book. The selection of the theories was based on their presence in current research literature, mainly serving as foundations for empirical research, and relevance to various standards for teacher education and leadership. The analyses embedded these theories and allowed for their in-depth understanding and exploration. They can serve as springboards for various written and oral assignments, collaborative and individual.

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