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Thomas Carlyle 1981

Papers Given at the International Thomas Carlyle Centenary Symposium


Horst W. Drescher

Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881), essayist, biographer, historian, philosopher, translator, literary and social critic, was one of the great intellectual forces of his period, indispensable to our understanding of Victorian Britain and the 19th century in general. Scholars from Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden and the United States assembled at the Scottish Studies Centre of the University of Mainz in Germersheim for the International Thomas Carlyle Centenary Symposium 1981. Their papers, published in this volume, open up a new - European - dimension of Carlyle's personality, work and thought. They offer evidence that the subject is not exhausted, quite the reverse, and that in many aspects Carlyle is as topical today as in his own time.
Contributors: J. Campbell, University of Edinburgh - J. Clubbe, University of Kentucky - D. Daiches, University of Edinburgh - K.J. Fielding, University of Edinburgh - W. Franke, Universität Erlangen- Nürnberg - Ch.H. Haws, Old Dominion University, Norfolk - F. Kaplan, Queen's College, The City University of New York - P. Keating, University of Edinburgh - J. Klein, Universität-GH Siegen - M.P. McDiarmid, University of Aberdeen - G. Mayer, Universität Mainz/ Germersheim - R.L. Oakman, University of South Carolina - T.C. Richardson, Campbell University - G.R. Roy, University of South Carolina - G.B. Tennyson, University of California, Los Angeles - M. Timko Queen's College, The City University of New York - C.R. Vanden Bossche, University of California - E. Waterston, University of Guelph - W. Weiss, Universität München - P. Zenzinger, Technische Universität Berlin.