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Debating Migration as a Public Problem

National Publics and Transnational Fields


Edited By Camelia Beciu, Mălina Ciocea, Irina Diana Mădroane and Alexandru I. Cârlan

This volume identifies empirical sites and methodological frames for approaching the construction of migration as a public problem. Starting from the premise that transnationalism becomes structural in setting the public agenda, the authors explore topics and arguments on migration in media and political discourses, as well as the ways migrants and non-migrants recontextualize these discourses in the process of making sense of migration, as a matter of citizenship and policy action.

"Debating Migration as a Public Problem: National Publics and Transnational Fields is a valuable addition to existing literature in English that addresses intra-EU migration with a focus on discourse, especially media discourse. It brings together papers written by established Romanian scholars, which are based upon several years of intense and high-quality research. The studies complement the prevailing bias, in current research, toward the perspective of the ‘host’ countries by taking a transnational approach to the construction of Romanian migration in the public sphere of the 'sending' country." —Norman Fairclough, Emeritus Professor, Lancaster University, UK