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African Image of the Ultimate Reality

An Analysis of Igbo Ideas of Life and Death in Relation to Chukwu-God


Cosmas Okechukwu Obiego

The question of human existence and its ultimate meaning demand doctrinal answers. Such answers depend on man's conception of the Ruler of the Universe; and on the answers depends man's attitude to life. This study explores and expands the Igbo answer to the question of the ultimate meaning of human existence in relation to Chukwu-God. It also seeks to open up religious springboards which will be of value to the Gospel-carriers in Igboland and to the inter-faith dialogue.
Contents: Ethnographical Survey - Chukwu, his nature - The spirit-world and Spiritual beings - Cult of Chukwu and Mmadu's Destiny - Life, Death and Igbo social consciousness - Christianity and Igbo Traditional Religion.