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Historical events and people in geosciences

Selected papers from the symposia of the Interdivisional commission on history of IAGA during the IUGG General Assembly, held in Hamburg, 1983


Wilfried Schröder

Contents: H.B. Garrett, Introduction - W. Schröder, 25 years IAGA Interd. comm. on history - W. Dieminger, Radio wave propagation and solar-terr. physics - P.H. Liang/W. Shen, Radio wave propagation and ionospheric studies - L. Biermann, History of solar wind con- cept - K. Bretterbauer, Payer, Weyprecht, Wilczek-promoters of intern. polar research - J.E. Kennedy/E.J. Llewellyn/V.K. Paulsen, Currie and the Sec. Polar Year - K.H. Paetzold, E. Regener - K.H. Wiederkehr, The magn. assoc. of Göttingen and the Antarctic expedition of Ross - S. Debarbat/Th. Weimer, Gauss et l'astronomie geodesique - H. Schmidlin, Early gravimeter constructions - N. Fukushima, Commencement of hourly geomagn. observ. in Japan - A. Brekke, The Haldde Observatory - E.G. Forbes, The Ben Nevis observers - M. Gadsden, Earliest observations of noctilucent clouds - B.M. Hamilton, Eruption of Krakatoa - J. Bloxham/D.R. Barraclough, Use of historical magnetic observations in studies of earth's core - D.R. Barraclough, Halley's Atlantic magnetic sur- veys - M.P. Pavese/G.P. Gregori, Historical geophys. records in Italy.