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Studying Abroad

What We Didn't See Coming

Edited By Beth D. Tolley

Studying Abroad: What We Didn’t See Coming is a collection of testimonials that documents the unexpected outcomes of study-abroad cultural experiences. It highlights the value of such experiences and the throng of interwoven dynamics, and showcases the educational learning opportunities for those who participate and how their teacher preparation is enhanced. Its most valuable aspect, however, is the illumination of those dynamics that caught all participants unaware—unaware of cultural similarities and differences, the power of relationships, the intricacies of language, the universal characteristics of children, and mostly, unaware of themselves. Studying Abroad: What We Didn’t See Coming offers insight to those considering international travel, those involved in cultural exchange and study, those who want to learn and be reminded of life lessons gleaned through the documentaries of others, and those who simply want a reminder of the goodness of people. This book would serve as an excellent resource for any study-abroad course or program, as well as courses on language education, teacher education, educational foundation, multicultural education, and human growth and development.

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