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Analogy and Theological Language in the Summa Contra Gentiles

A Textual Survey of The Concept of Analogy and its Theological Application by St. Thomas Aquinas


Norbert W. Mtega

Analogy in the Contra Gentiles is not a mere logical maneuver of relating concepts, nor is it a simple linguistic style of relating terms, but it is an ontological and metaphysical way of expressing the relation that really exists between creatures and God. This analogical relation is an existential fact because it is founded on the communication and participation of the actus essendi. As such it is a key help to our philosophical understanding about God and man's nature. For the African scholar it offers a basic metaphysical help in writing african theology.
Contents: Implicit and explicit expressions on analogy - Analogy applied to theology of God, the Word-Incarnate and creation - Analogy as a help in writing african theology.