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Across Borders: Essays in 20th Century Russian Literature and Russian-Jewish Cultural Contacts. In Honor of Vladimir Khazan


Edited By Lazar Fleishman and Fedor B. Poljakov

The volume consists of 27 essays dedicated to Vladimir Khazan, the leading specialist in Russian-Jewish relationship and in the study of 20th century Russian literature. The essays deal with Blok, Bely, Akhmatova, Babel, Jabotinsky, Remizov, and Nabokov. The volume introduces unknown documents and facts that elucidate new aspects of Polish-Russian, German-Russian, Russian-Baltic, and Russian-French literary contacts, reveal unknown details about post-Stalinist Soviet "samizdat" and the story of publication of Pasternak’s "Doctor Zhivago". Among the contributors are such distinguished scholars as Konstantin Azadovsky, Oleg Budnitskii, Stefano Garzonio, Mirja Lecke, Leonid Livak, Magnus Ljunggren, Paolo Mancosu, Piotr Mitzner, Boris Ravdin, and Roman Timenchik

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