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Inquiry in Tandem

Student and Teacher Learning in Secondary Schools

Christine D. Clayton and James F. Kilbane, Jr.

Inquiry in Tandem explores how engaging in teacher and student inquiry simultaneously impacts teacher practice and student learning in powerful ways.  With a focus on secondary schools and all content areas we encourage inquiry because it is good practice. Teachers and students are active doers and thinkers who ask questions, seek information, and develop thoughtful responses. This book presents a model of professional development that fosters this type of deep learning by teachers and students.

List of Figures – List of Tables – List of Abbreviations – Acknowledgments – Prologue – Inquiry for Learning – Student Inquiry – Teacher Inquiry – Introduction to Secondary Teachers and Students as Inquirers – Lisa DiFilippo: Picturing Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning in the Visual Arts Classroom – Jim Nordlinger/Nancy Timpani: Inquiry and Literacy Across the Content Areas: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Create a Living Museum – Joyce Kong: Leveraging Student-Directed Learning: Developing Students Who Read, Write, and Think Like Scientists – Elena Pousada: I Inquire, You Inquire...We All Inquire! Conjugating Inquiry in the Language Classroom – Commentary on Secondary Teachers and Students as Inquirers – Facilitating Inquiry for Teachers and Students – Learning in Tandem – Appendix A—Protocols to Improve Inquiry Designs – Appendix B—Design Prompts for Inquiry Learning Experiences – Appendix C—Inquiry Plan – Appendix D—Sample Student Inquiry and Teacher Inquiry Questions – Appendix E—Collaborative Inquiry Group Planning Template – Appendix F—Inquiry Results Report – Appendix G—Teaching and Learning Conference Presentation – About the Authors – About the Contributors – Index.