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Faith, Hope and Decision-Making

The Kingdom of God and Social Policy-Making- The work of Arthur Rich of Zürich


Born in 1910 into an industrial environment in northern Switzerland, Arthur Rich's spiritual and intellectual wrestlings were how the Christian Gospel could embrace the real world of industry and work. This book tells how he worked out this Gospel and gave it a shakingly honest intellectual expression that the non-theologian could equally well discuss.
What he says could be sharply illuminating in the setting of British culture and religion. For this reason his method, especially the idea that New Testament «agape-love» is a secular decision-making agent, is tested out on the issues of work and worklessness thrown up for christians and non-christians in today's British society.
Contents: So much popular piety seems to think of the redemption of humanness (as) indistinguishable from its replacement with some other thing. Man is... thought of as needing to become increasingly holy rather than increasingly human. However, this does not help us... in thinking christianly about social policy-making.