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The Destiny of Man

Dagaare Beliefs in Dialogue with Christian Eschatology


Edward Kuukure

This is an anthropologico-theological study of the relationship between Christian eschatology and what the Dagaaba/Dagara believe to be the ultimate destiny of man. Basically, it is a search for the grounds of dialogue for salvation, i.e., the evangelization and pastoral care of this people and, hopefully, of their immediate African neighbours. Eschatology, the central theme in their search for the meaning of life, provides the widest opening for this dialogue. Coherent syntheses of the Dagaare beliefs and customs and of Christian eschatology provide the concrete and scientifically analysed elements for the theological reflection and possible pastoral praxis illustrated by a number of examples.
Contents include: Socio-ethnography - Expression of their religious experience - Religious Anthropology - Christianity's Answer - Christian eschatology and Dagarti eschatology in dialogue - Contact and divergence - Pastoral implications.