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Muslim Conversions to Christ

A Critique of Insider Movements in Islamic Contexts

Edited By Ayman S. Ibrahim and Ant Greenham

Muslim Conversions to Christ focuses on the so-called Insider Movement (as promoted by certain missiologists). Drawing on international scholars and practitioners in the fields of the history and nature of Islam, the Qur’an, Christian-Muslim relations, biblical theology, and practical missiology, this book presents a solid academic rejoinder to the IM phenomenon. Moreover, it brings into the conversation the voices of believers from Muslim backgrounds (BMBs), Middle Eastern scholars, and missiologists living among Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere. Readers will understand that Muhammad is not a prophet based on the Bible and that the Qur’an is not a scriptural guide for Muslims after their conversion. Rather than acquiesce in IM marketing ploys, such readers will be encouraged to stand in solidarity with BMBs who suffer for their faith.

“Few movements in Christian mission are as controversial and as dangerous as the Insider Movement, especially as it relates to the evangelization of Muslims. Its two most grievous sins—its mishandling of Scripture at many points and its insensitive trampling of the insight and experience of Muslim Background Believers—result in inflated statistics, spurious conversions, and fractured churches. This book is now the best treatment of the subject.” D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“Every Christian is called to take the Great Commission seriously and to be about the business of making disciples of Jesus Christ. As we seek to reach the nations for Jesus, reaching those from a Muslim background is challenging work. Knowing how best to present the gospel in Muslim contexts, and how best to lead those converted to Christ out of Islam and into Christianity is often harder still. Complicating matters even more are confusing and compromising approaches to Muslim evangelism that dilute the pure message of the gospel and minimize the great differences between Christianity and Islam. Nothing more than the message of the gospel and the eternal souls of men are at stake, and that’s why I’m grateful for Ayman S. Ibrahim and Ant Greenham and their compelling book, «Muslim Conversions to Christ». All who love their Muslim neighbors and care about fulfilling the Great Commission will find this book helpful.” Jason K. Allen, President, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary & College

“At Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples our mission focuses on equipping the church to reach Muslims with the full truth about Jesus. We rejoice that God is moving in unprecedented ways in Muslim contexts. More than ever before, Muslims are accepting Christ as Savior and Lord! Many converts face discrimination and intense persecution. Insider Movement (IM) proponents often unnecessarily encourage new converts to retain their Muslim identity, while unwittingly embracing syncretistic practices. Unbiblical elements of the IM hinder the bold and clear proclamation of the gospel, and stymie healthy spiritual growth in the new convert. «Muslim Conversions to Christ» provides biblical clarity in response to erroneous practices promoted by the IM. This book is a must-read for all who have a stake in the Great Commission, including leaders, students and laity.” Mark Brink, Director, Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples

“This is a much needed book for which I am most thankful. As I look at missions work around the world, I see constant temptations to dilute the gospel, conversion, and the church in order to supposedly reach more people for Christ. Even with the best of motives, we are prone to malign the truth of Christ and minimize the call of Christ in ways that defame the name of Christ. Such tendencies often seem so subtle, yet they are extremely significant. For this reason, if you are involved at any level in proclaiming Christ among Muslims, I urge you to read this book.” David Platt, President, The International Mission Board

“As Egyptian believers in our Lord Jesus Christ, we are deeply concerned by the so-called Insider Movement approach to evangelism. I am thus pleased to give this timely volume, «Muslim Conversions to Christ», my highest recommendation.” Sameh Maurice, Senior Pastor of Kasr Dobara Evangelical Church, Cairo, Egypt