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The Social Construction of Black Masculinity

An Ethnographic Study

Steven R. Cureton

The Social Construction of Black Masculinity examines the legacy of negotiating black masculinity in a relatively free society that forced black men to justify claims of equitable humanity. The book represents an unapologetic narrative about behavioral choices by black men, which were framed by a history of forced distancing from their covenant with God, deliberate character assassinations, and emasculation in plain sight of their women and children.

Introduction: It Has Always Been About Race – Scholarly Identity: A Research Note – I Will Dig a Ditch, Just Give Me My Good Name Back – Du Bois’ Souls of Black and White Folk: Can’t Out Run Caste in America – Policing Black Bodies: Lethal Predatory Habits – Protest Spirit: Bastardized Activism in Gangsterism – Edge Research: Taking in Ganglands and Violent Scenes – Hulking Out: White Males’ Response to Bullying, Humiliation, Rejection, Isolation and Perceived Injustice in an Academic Setting – A Love of Our Own: The Manner in Which Black Men Love – Closure Is All I Need to Get By – References – Index.