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De/constructing Literacies

Considerations for Engagement

Amélie Lemieux

De/constructing Literacies: Considerations for Engagement reviews and defines the concept of engagement in literacy studies from different epistemologies. Well-suited for literacy researchers and graduate students, it considers the foundations of arts-based research, cognitive psychology, ethnography, phenomenology, posthumanism, with a final chapter on walking methodologies, to better understand how engagement can be framed and looked at in literacy studies.

"De/constructing Literacies: Considerations for Engagement provides us incredibly important additions to the conversations/debates surrounding literacy and learning. With the world constantly changing, including learners, it is critical we consider the ways in which we interact in diverse contexts but also the affectual nature of these interactions. The book effectively utilises the methodology of phenomenological hermeneutics in exploring material culture and multimodal receptions and productions as they relate to posthumanism. With thought-provoking images and prose as well as powerful classroom practices related to reading engagement the book takes the reader on a journey; mapping literate practices through time and space. I am convinced that all interested in literacy, learning and posthumanist thought will read this book with great interest. I highly recommend it."—Georgina Barton, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

"De/constructing Literacies moves us closer to holistic understandings of literacy and learning by presenting literacies as both embodied and distributed, emergent and sedimented, affective and social. Weaving together theoretical strands from phenomenological hermeneutics and posthumanism, Lemieux pushes central conversations in the field forward by making sure the contributions of key deconstructionists, namely Barthes, Ricoeur and Gadamer, are not left behind. The book’s careful empirical groundedness undergirds and lends support to its remarkable theoretical contributions."—Brice Nordquist, Syracuse University

"De/constructing Literacies: Considerations for Engagement is a fascinating book that challenges educators to rethink the role that aesthetic experiences play with/in student engagement. Lemieux’s conceptualization of reading as a phenomenologically-oriented and posthumanely-driven encounter is both fresh and provocative, as it invites us to imagine not only what a more ethically engaged conception of affective engagement is, but also, what it could be(come)."—Bessie Dernikos, Florida Atlantic University