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Learner Language and Control


Mary Carroll, Rainer Dietrich and Günther Storch

This book presents four closely related reports on the lay-out, data collection and results of a research project on the acquisition of German as a Foreign Language by adult students. A critical description is given of the course of the extensive data collection and the successes and difficulties encountered. This is followed by a theoretical paper in which a model of the production process in second language performance is postulated and discussed. Sections three and four describe analyses of spontaneous self-corrections as evidence of the learner's control of his speech process, which takes into account the influence of individual and linguistic variables.
Contents: Data Collection in the Heidelberg Research Project: Foreign Language Learning at University level - Language Production and Language Acquisition - Self-Corrections: Case Studies of the Speech of Adult Learners of German - Self-Corrections and Learning Focus in Second Language Production.