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The Eldest Brother and New Testament Christology


Harald Aarbakke

The Eldest Brother and New Testament Christology explores the origin of cultural representations of Jesus as an eldest brother. Through ethnographic surveys, author Harald Aarbakke shows that the role of the eldest brother in different African societies is often accompanied by additional roles, among them mediator, protector, and leader. Aarbakke also searches for an exegetical basis for this understanding of Jesus, and argues that an eldest brother Christology can be substantiated by the cultural and literary context of certain New Testament texts (Matthew 25:31–46 and 28:10, Mark 3:31–35, John 20:17, Romans 8:28–30, Colossians 1:15–20, and Hebrews 2:10–18).

Acknowledgments – Abbreviations and FormalitiesIntroduction – The Eldest Brother in African Societies – The Eldest Brother in the First-Century Mediterranean World – Jesus as Eldest Brother in the New Testament – Conclusion and Outlook – Index.