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Chinese Philosophy and Contemporary Aesthetics

Unthought of Empty

Kejun Xia

The purpose of Chinese Philosophy and Contemporary Aesthetics is simple and straightforward: to discuss empty, nothing, opening, white, nature color, blankness, and different delicate senses, in ink-water painting and calligraphy, around discourses of poetics, philosophy ideas, and art critics.

Because xu has inner plasticity and re-generation, which are crucial for its aesthetic discourse, the relation between "nature" or "naturalness" and "emptiness" approaches a fundamental question of modernity—the relation between event revolution and "silent transformation."

Kejun Xia is a philosopher, critic and curator. Xia received his PhD from Wuhan University in China, and completed his post-doctoral work at Universität Freiburg and Université de Strasbourg (following Jean-Luc Nancy). Xia has published more than ten books, including Waiting and Useless Nation: Zhuangzi and Heidegger’s Second Turn (2017) and The Theology of Uselessness: Benjamin, Heidegger and Zhuangzi (2019).