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Students of Trauma

A Handbook for Classroom Teaching in an Environment of Suffering

Dan Shepherd

Students of Trauma: A Handbook for Classroom Teaching in an Environment of Suffering provides school educators and those who work with them with practical strategies for working with students who have experienced trauma and express that through depression, aggression, anxiety, hyperactivity, and suspicion. This handbook, based on current educational research and on the accumulated experiences of actual teachers, provides clear and implementable guidance to individuals working in a school or classroom setting with young people who have experienced tremendous trauma in life. The issue of trauma-informed instruction has received significant consideration in recent years and rightly so, however, what sets this book apart is its emphasis on specific and direct actions and attitudes that teachers can take today to make a meaningful and powerful difference in the lives of their most troubled students. Students of Trauma will be a helpful addition to the libraries of classroom teachers, their administrators, and those who train them.

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