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Subjective Experiences of Interactive Nostalgia

Edited By Ryan Lizardi

From explorations of video game series to Netflix shows to Facebook timelines, Subjective Experiences of Interactive Nostalgia helps readers understand what it is actually like to be nostalgic in a world that increasingly asks us to interact with our past. Interdisciplinary authors tackle the subject from historical, philosophical, rhetorical, sociological, and economic perspectives, all the while asking big questions about what it means to be asked to be active participants in our own mediated histories. Scholars and pop culture enthusiasts alike will find something to love as this collection moves from a look at traditional interactive media, such as video games, to nostalgia within all things digital and ends with a rethinking of the potentials of nostalgia itself.

Ryan Lizardi: Introduction – Section 1: Playing Through Nostalgia – Ashley P. Jones: Reconstructing Lara: The Tomb Raider Reboot as Nostalgic Experience – Sebastian Felzmann: "Been There, Done That!": An Examination of Media Nostalgia as a Creative Practice for Creating New Retro Games – Jonathan M. Bullinger: Lego Historical War Sub-Cultures: Idealized Play and Nostalgia – Ryan Lizardi: The Development of Video Game Emulation and Its Subjective Nostalgic Experiences – Section 2: Digitally Nostalgic – Raymond Blanton: An Anthem for Outcasts: The Nostalgia of Friendship in Stranger Things – Alexandra Lippert/Carson S. Kay: Click for Dixie: Virtual Plantation Tours’ Use of White Nostalgia and Directed Narrative Experience – JeongHyun Lee: Subjectivities in Automated Nostalgia: Social Media and Everyday Nostalgic Longing for the Past/Present – Alexandra Bardan/Natalia Vasilendiuc: Representations of the Communist Period in Romanian Digital Communities: A Quest for Online "Displaced Nostalgia" – Section 3: Rethinking Nostalgic Experiences – Mani Mehrvarz/Maryam Muliaee: Media-as-Things: A Nonhistorical Nostalgia Through Failure – Emily Truman: Making Sense of Cultural Crisis: Radical Nostalgia, Iconic Representations, and Popular Culture – Sally J. Spalding: Assessing the Political Possibilities of Interactive Nostalgia – Contributors – Index.