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Playboys of the Western World

Production Histories


Adrian Frazier

Acknowledgements – List of Illustrations – Adrian Frazier: Introduction – PLAYBOYS OF THE PAST – Paige Reynolds: The First Playboy – Ophelia Byrne: Belfast Said ‘No’ to The Playboy John P. Harrington: The Playboy IN the Western World: J. M. Synge’s Play in America – Adrian Frazier: ‘Quaint Pastoral Numbskulls’: Siobhán McKenna’s Playboy Film – Nicholas Grene: Two London Playboys: Before and After Druid – Roundtable Discussion with Garry Hynes – PLAYBOY 2004: EIGHT VIEWS – Ophelia Byrne: Terrible Truths, of our own making – Adrian Frazier: Postmodern Paddywhackery –Nicholas Grene: Redesigning The Playboy John P. Harrington: Poetry, Romance, Clay, Worms – Mary C. King: Gallous Stories and Dirty Deeds – Bill Mc Cormack: Notes from the Borderland – Lionel Pilkington: The Playboy of the Western World as Cultural Event – Paige Reynolds: Separate Spheres and Celebrity Casting – Index – Contributors.