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Contextualizing Practical Knowledge in Early Modern Europe


Annemie Leemans

The topic of this book is practical knowledge in early modern Europe, interpreted widely as recipes containing art procedures or medical panaceas between 1400 and 1700. In this book, the 1) origin or creation, 2) transmission or dissemination, and 3) use or consumption are key subjects for understanding the place of practical knowledge in early modern European society. After a historiographical and theoretical approach, this book applies Deleuze and Guattari’s rhizome metaphor to art technological literature. The first part ends with a study about medical practitioners and mediators who disseminate practical knowledge through the printing press. The second part of the book is entirely dedicated to the booklet A Very Proper Treatise (1573), using a microhistory approach to study it.

Annemie D.G. Leemans is an art historian from the University of Bologna. She obtained her PhD in interdisciplinary history at the University of Kent and University of Porto through the Erasmus Mundus Joint Degree known as TEEME. Currently, she is a researcher in the Transdisciplinary Research Centre "Culture, Space and Memory" (CITCEM) at the University of Porto.