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Ethics in Business Communication

New Challenges in the Digital World


Edited By Veronica Gonzalez Araujo, Roberto Carlos Álvarez Delgado and Ángel Sancho Rodríguez

In our ever growing interconnected world, communication has become an essential tool for businesses and entrepreneurs. To be effective, business communication needs to take social and ethical considerations into account. This volume brings together different perspectives about ethics in business and communication, with special emphasis on the new challenges deriving from the digital world. From a variety of disciplinary perspectives (discourse analysis, communication studies, linguistics, rhetoric, semiotics, business and management studies), the contributors explore the production and interpretation of texts and interactions from an ethical perspective, as well as the use (and abuse) of communicative strategies and tactics of persuasion. Among other topics, the volume deals with the use of rhetorical and linguistic strategies in the entrepreneurial pitch, ethical leadership in business management, gender issues in entrepreneurship, the ethics of tourism, and the use of digital and collaborative tools in professional and educational contexts.

Verónica gonzalez-araujo, PhD in Modern Languages is Lecturer at the University of Alcalá and member of the Institutional Marketing and Digital Communications Department.

Roberto Carlos alvarez-Delgado, PhD in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising, is Lecturer in Communication Studies and Director for Institutional Marketing and Electronic Communications at the University of Alcalá. 

Ángel Sancho-Rodríguez, PhD in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising and Graduated in Business is Associate Professor at the University of Alcala and coordinator of the Master in Audiovisual Production, Complutense University of Madrid.