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Lógos and Máthēma 2

Studies in the Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics


Roman Murawski

The volume consists of thirteen papers devoted to various problems of the philosophy of logic and mathematics. They can be divided into two groups. The first group contains papers devoted to some general problems of the philosophy of mathematics whereas the second group – papers devoted to the history of logic in Poland and to the work of Polish logicians and math-ematicians in the philosophy of mathematics and logic. Among considered problems are: meaning of reverse mathematics, proof in mathematics, the status of Church’s Thesis, phenomenology in the philosophy of mathematics, mathematics vs. theology, the problem of truth, philosophy of logic and mathematics in the interwar Poland.
Roman  Murawski,  studied  mathematics,  philosophy  and  theology;  MSc  1972,  PhD  1979,  Master  of  Theology  1980,  licentiatus  in  sacra  theologia  1985, Habilitation  1992,  Full  professor  2001;    Professor  of  logic  and  philosophy  of  mathematics at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland).