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Happiness Management: A Lighthouse for Social Wellbeing, Creativity and Sustainability

Edited By Rafel Ravina, Luis Bayardo Tobar Pesántez and José Marchena Dominguez

The mystery of happiness has occupied human beings from ancient times until the present day. Philosophers, economists, historians, artists, and psychologists have offered different definitions of what happiness is and how to measure and develop it in various fields.

In this regard, the group of researchers from six countries: Spain, Italy, Mexico, United Kingdom, Brazil and Equador, present their fourth joint work in this new book titled »Happiness Management: A Lighthouse for Social Wellbeing, Creativity and Sustainability«, which contains twelve contibutions about different knowledge areas, all based on the approach to happiness.

social networks in academic performance and perception of corporate happiness of students – improving effectiveness in work teams: happiness management – Happy and ethical consumption in a globalized world – advertising: happiness and fidelity through sports – happiness at work: New trends and opportunities – The development of creativity through mindfulness: applications in the history of art – Talent management and competitive advantage: employee well-being – Happiness and environmental sustainability: rediscovering nature – Happiness, territory and sustainable wellbeing in the ocde countries – From creativity to innovation by knowledge re-combining – Fostering Creative and Intrapreneurial Behaviours through human resource practices – Measure of the subjective well-being in the rural tourism