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The Future in the Writings of Karl Marx

An Evaluative Interpretation Based on Primary Sources


Joel Tabora

It was in critical humanistic intent that Marx attempted the overturning of Hegel's dialectic in Historical Materialism: understanding future human humanity as the necessary overcoming («Aufhebung») of private productivity which fails to satisfy man's human need. This study, based on a spectrum of primary sources from the young to the mature Marx, presents the critical function and the praxis-inductive role the future had in Marx's thought. The promise that continues to live in this thought is thereby explicitated. It is however a promise premised on a persistent idealism in Marx's claimed materialism which compromises the depth of man's human need in a future whose realization is necessarily (only) future.
Contents: Future in Marxian materialism: as result of Marx's critique of Hegelian dialectic - As the transcendence of private property («Economic and philosophic manuscripts») - As the negation of human negation in the commodity fetish («Capital»).