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Warrior Talk

A study of war, peace and politics

Sally Watson

«Warrior talk is defined as language, terms and metaphors associated with war and violence used in political discourses or appropriated into everyday settings to influence people and situations.»

Warrior Talk is part of the human experience in conflict situations at global, national and organizational levels and while the scale of conflict may vary, the language of war is a potent dynamic and key inhibitor of sustainable peace. A case study of the Northern Ireland peace process has been used as a background for research into Sinn Féin political discourses in the period 1969-2019. The findings indicate that republican warrior talk has evolved over five decades but continues to play a role in Sinn Féin politics. The implications of this research are applicable to other forms of conflict and particularly whether there has been protracted or intermittent episodes of violence.

This book will appeal to a varied audience: students, researchers and readers interested in peace building whether international or local. The style of the book will demystify the field of political discourse analysis and provide tools and resources to enrich the reader’s experience.

Sally Watson had an extensive career in developing organizations and their leaders within private, public and not for profit settings prior to joining Lancaster University Management School in 1998. Consulting work included facilitation and conflict resolution with senior executive teams and boards of national and international organizations. This experience adapted well to the style of executive education programmes at Lancaster University and an opportunity arose to gain a PhD with the Richardson Institute for Peace.

The combination of practical experience in conflict resolution, academic rigour and expertise in learning design is manifested in the style and content of this book. The reader is centre stage in this book with a variety of choice of how to engage with warrior talk.

The author is currently a visiting Professorial Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University and continues to work in conflict resolution from both theoretical and practical perspectives.