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Africa and Europe: a Shared Future


Edited By Alberto Majocchi

The contributions collected in this volume are linked by a common thread: the development of Africa is a problem that must be faced and solved by the peoples of the continent, with the aim of consolidating democracy and guaranteeing a future of growth and progressive improvement in the quality of life. However, Europe has a role and a responsibility in this process: after having imposed on Africa the model of the bureaucratic and centralized national state, Europe today can represent a model of integration, on the economic field and, in perspective, on the political terrain. Beyond this, Europe must offer a partnership with the African Union to start a Green New Deal for Europe and Africa together, with the allocation of financial resources, but also technology transfers and infrastructure creation. But in this partnership for growth the initiative must be entrusted to African countries, as was the case for Europe in the case of the Marshall Plan. Europe must impose as a sole condition that their plan be drawn up in common and placed in the perspective of strengthening the process of economic and political integration already started on the Continent.

Alberto Majocchi is Emeritus Professor of Public Finance in the University of Pavia. He has been teaching in the University of Venezia-Ca’ Foscari, Varese and Castellanza and in the University of Leuven. During the years 1991-93 he has been working as a National Expert in the Environment Directorate of the European Commission in Brussels. He is now Vice-President of the Centre for Studies on Federalism (Turin) and President of Fondazione Magni for Ayamé (Ivory Coast).