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Unserved and Underserved Populations

New Approaches to Inclusivity

Edited By Sandra Levey and Sharon Moonsamy

This book describes problems faced by underserved and unserved populations. These are the growing number of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, as well as those among native born populations who lack equal access to basic health and education services, nutrition, clean water, and adequate living conditions. These inequalities result from the power deficit that derives from structural or systemic racism. Critical reflection or critical thinking allows us to better understand the systemic exercise of power by dominant groups that support a racial or ethnic hierarchy that has a negative impact on the living standards of the underserved and unserved. This hierarchy establishes a ranking of groups under the control of a dominant group, leading to inequalities in education, healthcare, income, and wealth. Critical reflection allows us to recognize how systems of privilege and oppression have influenced our thinking and actions. Studies conducted in the United States and South Africa show that marginalized groups reported receiving poor quality of health care, facing discrimination because of their race or ethnicity and communication/language barriers. The chapters in this book examine the inequalities faced by underserved and unserved populations in several countries across the globe, with strategies to address these problems.

This book would be of interest to the general population, along with courses in health care, sociology, political science, and courses and schools of public health.

Preface – Introduction – Sandra Levey/Li-Rong Lilly Cheng: The Plight of Unserved and Underserved Populations across the Globe – Helen Grech: Strategies Supporting a Conceptual Framework to Address the Needs of Forced Migrants – Carol Westby/Sandra Levey: The Mental Health of Migrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers – Bárbara N. Garcia de Goulart/Paula Anderle/Shayze Souto/Fernanda Dreux M. Fernandes: Color, Race Bias, and Health Services for Unserved and Underserved Populations: Reflections on Countries with Social and Economic Inequalities – Anniah Mupawose/Munyane Mophosho/Sharon Moonsamy: Critical Reflection: A Tool for Intergroup Relations for Health-Care Services – Munyane Mophosho/Sharon Moonsamy/Anniah Mupawose: Cultural Humility in Interactions with Different Cultural Identities: How Do You See Me? – Fernanda Dreux M. Fernandes/Cibelle Albuquerque de la Higuera Amato/Daniela Regina Molini-Avejonas/Carla Cardoso, Danielle Defense-Netrval/Bárbara N. Garcia de Goulart: Children with Communication Disorders in Brazil: Rights and Stigma of the Unserved and Underserved – Sandra Levey/Sharon Moonsamy: The Path Forward –About the Authors – Index.