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The Legacy of Violence in Uganda and the Role of the Church towards Peace

Robert Butele

The Book asserts that: Violence at Family level, Clan level, upto State level is a reality in Africa in general and Uganda in particular. In systematic and critical exposure of the history of violence in Uganda using secondary sources, interviews and personal experience, the author comes to the conclusion that although the period before colonialism up to 1894 and the colonial period 1894-1962 were not without violence, the worst and institutionalised forms of violence in Uganda occurred after independence 1962-1985, leading to loss of lives of hundreds of thousands of Ugandans and destruction of nature and property. The Author agrees violence is a complex topic and still exists to date. Pointing fingers to the past is not enough, every Ugandan now should, renounce violence and adress the named causes of violence in Uganda. Based on the magisterial teachings of the Church, particularly of Pope John Paul II, the deliberations of the second Synod of African Bishops 2009 and the pastoral letters of Uganda Catholic Bishops, The author calls for Reconciliation, Justice and Peace in Uganda as opposed to violence. (Germany).

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