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Connect With Your Management On-The-Go

In collaboration with Simal Celikkol

Edited By Mehmet Naci Efe

A challenging journey for managers to succeed by following 13 paths… Visionary and curious academicians sailing to new horizons…Yes! The journey is long, tiring but how success is easily achieved? There is no change without pain! Management on the Go covers different aspects of today’s management which can be both used as a handbook by executives who want to keep up with the pace of scientific advancements, as well as a road map for academics to turn towards innovative management systems.

You are invited to embark on a journey from topics that have become outdated in the literature to approaches that will arouse excitement and curiosity about future. Each chapter is written based on sector experiences by 13 academicians located in 5 different universities in Turkey and now reaches you dear readers.

Mehmet Naci Efe is an academician, executive and entrepreneur. Born 1972 in Ağrı, Turkey. After completing his higher education in the Turkish Armed Forces, he received his master’s degree and then a PhD in business administration from Beykent University. Currently, both as an academician and as the Chairman of the Board of “Ekol Group Companies,” he serves as a bridge between the academic community and the business world. In order to sustain and develop this mission through founding Goradz University in Bosnia and Turkey’s first private Technology Development Center ‘‘CEOTEKMER’’ provides cooperation with academic community and business world.