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Measuring the Effectivity of Environmental Law

Legal Indicators for Sustainable Development


Michel Prieur and Christophe Bastin

This book presents a new method for measuring the effectiveness of national and international environmental law. It is the result of four years of research and experimentation to develop a way to construct legal indicators. The only existing environmental indicators measure only statistical, scientific or economic data.

With legal indicators, governments, parliaments, economic and social actors and environmental NGOs will be able to assess concretely, on a scientific basis, what are the gaps, progress and setbacks in the implementation of international conventions and national laws. The legal indicators will serve as tools for decision-making, in particular to carry out reforms in full knowledge of the facts and not blindly.

The mathematical method used makes it possible, on the basis of a questionnaire highlighting all the legal and institutional stages of the application of legal texts, to provide data highlighting the points to be improved and the strengths of the application of the law.

This update of a first book published in 2018 by the Institut de la Francophonie pour le développement durable (IFDD, French acronym) has been made possible thanks to the support of the Normandy Chair for Peace (CNRS, Normandy Region, Maison de la recherche en Sciences Humaines (MRSH) and the University of Caen - France). A line of research is dedicated to this topic of legal indicators and the Chair of Excellence hopes that this work will be widely disseminated and accessible in open source in English, French and Spanish.