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Developing Information Competence in Translator Training


Urszula Paradowska

This book addresses the question whether translation students can successfully increase their information competence as a result of a purposeful intervention. As translation technologies have become a staple in the translation industry, the ability to interact with the Web to solve translation problems is now a basic market requirement. Although there is a growing body of empirical research into web search behaviors of translators and the use of web-based resources in translation, none of the studies aimed at incorporating information competence strategy training into a translation course. The study described in this volume aims to fill this gap. The book will be of interest to translator educators as well as to professional translators who want to improve their web search expertise.

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Translator training and the study of translation processes

Information competence and web search behavior

Information competence from the translation competence perspective

Developing information competence of translation students – an empirical study

Results and discussion

Final remarks and conclusions