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Mine Own Familiar Friend

The Relationship between Gerard Hopkins and Robert Bridges

William Robert Adamson

Mine Own Familiar Friend adds a new dimension to Hopkins Studies through its exploration of the complex and sometimes confounding friendship between the Jesuit priest and poet Gerard Hopkins and the editor of his first collected works, the poet and critic Robert Bridges. The divide between the two men is evident in almost every sphere of their lives, in their approach to poetry, reading, criticism and language. Based upon the primary texts of the letters, poetry and critical writings of the two men, the book is aimed at both an academic and a more generalist audience: Hopkins scholars and those readers of Hopkins’s poetry who may want to know more about this unique modernist poet whose collected works were only published, thanks to Bridges, some twenty-nine years after his death.

William Robert Adamson has both authored and edited books and articles on subjects as diverse as the 18th century Scottish novelist Tobias Smollett, the American crime writer Raymond Chandler, film studies and language skills for university students of English. He is Head of the English Department at the University of Ulm in Germany where he specialises in poetry and creative writing. He is the Assistant Director of the Gerard Manley Hopkins Society of Newbridge, Ireland, and is also a past president of the Raymond Chandler Society, Germany. In 2007 he was the recipient of Recipient of the O’Connor Cup presented by the Gerard Manley Hopkins Society.