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Korean Families and Family Therapy

Projection of a Therapeutic Paradigm for Korean Urban Middle-Class Families


Yea Sun Eum Kim

The last four decades have witnessed an unprecedented rate of change in urban Korean families, which has compounded many family problems. However, the problem-solving methods have been very inadequate. The purpose of this dissertation is to develop a suitable therapeutic paradigm for urban Korean families. The author discusses various characteristics of such families: history, major changes, family dynamics, problems, and traditional and modern problem-solving methods. On the basis of these discussions, she presents essential conditions, or criteria, for a therapeutic paradigm for Korean families. Her paradigm is basically eclectic, with the structural/strategic/ecological family therapy developed in the USA and the therapeutic elements drawn from Korean culture as its core.
Contents: The traditional Korean Family - Changes in Urban Korean Families - Korean Personality - A Study on Urban Korean Families - Problems of Korean Families - Problem-solving Methods - Therapy and Culture - A therapeutic Paradigm for Korean Families.