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Health Problems in Asia and in the Federal Republic of Germany- How to solve them?

Proceedings of a seminar on «Techniques and Problems of Intervention Trials in Developing and Developed Countries»- Berlin, 1st July - 19th July, 1984


In order to cope with health problems in developing or developed countries, means have to be tested before preventive, promotive and curative measures can be implemented on a nationwide basis by health authorities. Problems and constraints of such intervention trials seem to be similar in developing and developed countries although there are differences in the disease patterns. In the near future, especially the Asian countries will be facing similar health problems as the western countries, in addition to their present problems. Scientists from various Asian countries and the Federal Republic of Germany discussed intervention measures in the field of health delivery system, family planning, parasite control, mother and child health care as well as nutrition.
Contents: Health problems of some Asian countries and the Federal Republic of Germany together with their health delivery systems are presented - The study design, experience and results of intervention trials in the field of mother and child health care, nutrition, parasitic diseases and cardiovascular diseases are described.