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Experimental Social Dilemmas


Henk A. M. Wilke, Dave M. Messick and Christel G. Rutte

Most of the papers on social dilemmas were presented at a conference on social dilemmas that was held at the University of Groningen in the spring of 1984. Social dilemmas are interpersonal situations that are characterized by a conflict between private and collective interest, i.e. in attempting to further their private interests, participants may end up worser off than if they had abandonned self-interest and worked for the good of the community. The chapters in this book describe efforts made by social psychologists, sociologists, and political scientists to advance our understanding of the psychological processes that influence people's behavior in social dilemmas. It is assumed that understanding of these processes can help our search for solutions.
Contents: Motivational choice (Kerr) - individual restraint (Samuelson et. al.) - leadership (Wilke - contributions to churches (Bonacich) - real life social dilemmas (Klandermans) - Social values (Liebrand) - Effects of change (Poppe) - individual differences (Kuhlman) - doing well and doing good (V.d. Kragt - social group identity (Kramer and Brewer).