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West Germany's Foreign Policy in the Era of Brandt and Schmidt, 1969-1982

An Introduction

Michael Wolffsohn

I. The Global Context of German Foreign Policy.
II. Fields of Activity (Ostpolitik, economisation of foreign policy, defence policy, German-American Relationship, Middle East, North-South, European policy).
III. The Decision-Making Process (bureaucratic politics, parties, parliament, Constitutional Court).
IV. Thematic Problem Areas (legitimacy, political integration, Germany's role in world politics, controversial political concepts: détente, «the nation», the second foundation of the state?; innovation and parliamentary majorities; personalistic approach; political generations; political geography; political steering.)
V. An Apparaisal (turning-point in the history of West Germany's foreign relations?; historical cycles; «normal» foreign policy?; Germany's image, self perception.)
Contents: A thematic as well as systematic analysis of West Germany's foreign policy from 1969 to 1982 is given - Macro-economic and public opinion data are analyzed together with governmental policies.