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The History and some Problems of Television Service in Anambra State of Nigeria

A Review of Television Technology in the Context of a Developing Country


Jerome Okonkwo

The television medium has reached the heights of complication. This complication is the aftereffect of the fact that broadcasting in itself (both TV and Radio) recognizes little or no boundaries. Broadcasting breaks the boundaries of, inter alia, political, cultural, linguistic, socio-economical and socio-psychological identities. It reaches extensive «possibilities» embracing, collecting and connecting nationalities and people, languages and cultures. This situation must continue to raise the question why such a global-transcontinental and transnational communications' «inter-flux». This work is in this context an aid towards possible solutions of the present question on the TV-medium. The interest of this work can be said to be the presentation of facts that brought Anambra State of Nigeria to this «embrace» of the world's extensive television technology.
Contents: Traditionalism - Historical documentations - External problem analysis: Dependency theories - USAID samples - Internal problem analysis: Polylingualism and cultural pluralism - Freedom of Press and Amendment Acts - Politics.