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Autonomy and Dependence of Religious Institutes of Diocesan Law on the Local Ordinary

A Comparative Analysis of the Legislation Concerning Them in the Codes of Canon Law of 1917 and 1983


Maria Gerard Nwagwu, Sr.

Institutes of diocesan law often receive scant consideration due to the realization that they are yet in their adolescent period of life in search of determination and stability, as well as from the fact that most are in their transitoral stage preparatory of a subsequent pontifical approval. Consequently, the canonical rulings guiding them are often not well exposed and so frequently misunderstood.
This work undertakes to expound their juridical condition which converges on the two elements of autonomy - as self-organizative ability to realize their specified goals and conserve their charisms - and of dependence on the local ordinaries as an encouraging support and guarantee.
Contents: A comparative analysis of the legislation concerning these Institutes in the codes of 1917 and 1983 - Evaluation of the harmony between their autonomy and dependence on L. Ordinaries.